Joe’s Rubbish Removal offers a whole set of services that we provide to our clients. We provide ourselves of being able to offer competitive prices which everyone can afford. Our services are cost effective and represent a great value for money. There are not hidden costs nor any unwanted surprises that you might encounter. The overall cost for the work that we provide includes the collection of the waste, it’s safe handling, providing the disposals afterwards and also cleaning after ourselves once we are done. The basic cost also covers the labor for a team of two people, which is usually how many we send.

Additionally, all of our services are priced based on the volume of the junk. It is only in specific situation that we deter from this pricing system. If we are handling some very heavy waste, like building materials and heavy metal junk, we do based our price on the weight of the rubbish. Take a look at our price list so you may better understand how to utilize our offers and manage your payments.

Single Item£48
1/4 Load£100
1/3 Load£135
1/2 Load£170
3/4 Load£230
Full Load£290

Single Items

Single item collection is the basic cleanup that we offer. This way you get manage your invidious junk items and get them out of the way. This kind of a pickup is usually done by one personaand also takes the least amount of time to handle. The maximum load that qualifies as a single item collection amounts to 50 kg or 1 cubic yard in diameter , which is also the equivalent of fitting in 5 trash bags inside our truck. The give price for single rubbish item collections is £48.

Minimum Load

The minimum load of rubbish that we collect amounts to 150 kg of any kind of waste or 1.5 cubic yards. Different kinds of waste can be included here, but the most important part is the weigh and the space it takes up. It is also the smallest amount of rubbish which we come to pick up which also amounts to about 8 bin bags that can be fitted inside our truck. This kind of services is done by our standard team of two people who are going to do the job in under 10 minutes, as it is estimated. We charge a price of £70 for this kind of a waste collection.

1/4 Load

Collecting a one quarter load is also a job which requires two of our workers to implement. It is a little bit bigger but not too much for our pair of staff members to clean out. This amount of waste should equal to 20 bin bags packed in our truck, of a up to a limit of 350 kg or 3.5 cubic yards. We estimated this kind of a disposals to be done in around 20 minutes and also include different and various kinds of junk which can be disposed this way. The price for a one quarter collection is £100.

1/3 Load

The collection of one third of a load is already a much more serious kind of a job. The amount of rubbish that is limited to this kind of collection is the same as packing 30 bin bags inside out van. Consequently, due to the sheer amount of rubbish which is collected, a one third load is estimated at 30 minutes of work. If we put it on numbers, the weight of the junk should be keep to 525 kg or a load of 5.25 cubic yards in size. For this kind of a disposal, our prices are set at £135.

1/2 Load

In order to fill up a truck to half of its capacity is a kind of a job which is going to require a lot of efforts. Additionally, the rubbish which can be packed can also be versatile and comprised of various types of rubbish pieces. This kind of a job will take about 40 minutes to deal with and is also done by our regular team of two people. The amount of trash collected in this case should equal to 70 bin bags collected and packed, or a load of 700 kg of weight which also amounts to 7 cubic yards. For this kind of a pickup, the price is set at £170.

3/4 Load

This is already a serious pickup and packing our tricks to a capacity of 3/4 is going to take our team up to 50 minutes to finish. Loading this junk should equal to a total of 60 bin bags and our team of workers is going to be responsible for the packing and storing of all the pieces that you bring forth. The total and estimated weigh for a 3/4 load is 1.050 kg or the amount of 10.5 cubic yards. The price for this kind of a job is £230.

Full Load

We come to the part where we can load up our truck to its fullest capacity. This is a job which takes the most amount of time and is hardest to complete. It is done by our regular team of two people and can take up to up to 60 minutes of work. The junk which can be disappear is also versatile and you can discard all kinds of unwanted waste this way. The maximum loads which our truck can be filled up with amounts to 1.400 kg or 14 cubic yards in diameter. This is also the same amount of space which a total of 80 bin bags can occupy. The finally price for out biggest work comes down to £290 for packing a full loaded truck and disposing the waste.

Extra Charges

There are certain situation in which we charge an extra price. An additional fee is required in the following situations.

  • If we exceed the estimated time for a pickup by 10 minutes, we charge an added price for the added labor. This can happen due to the unpredicted level and volume of the waste which is collected and costs £10 of added fees.
  • When we dispose TVs or any kinds of Monitors, the added fee is £15 based on the nature of the removal.
  • Fridge collection also proposes an added fee of £30, also due to the nature of the garbage and the way of disposing it.
  • Commercial fridge collection has an added cost of £100, which is also imposed due to the nature of the disposal and particularly because of the size of the junk item.
  • We can dispose paint but we charge £3 per liter, as it requires a different approach for its disposal.
  • We also charge an added price for the disposal of fluorescent tube an added £1 as it also requires a different kind of a disposal method.
  • There is an added charge of £10 for weekend pickups, which we add if you are in need of some emergency collections which have to be done during the weekend only.
  • Extra heavy waste is also changed up additionally £20, because of its weight and size and also added trouble of handling it.

Very Heavy Waste

We can handle very heavy disposal and deal with the materials at hand, but we provide a different price because of the given circumstances. Very heavy debris is usually found at an construction sites and includes many heavy objects which are usually comprised of metal or concrete. In fact, any kind of junk can be labeled as being very heavy if it manages to exceed the given limit. It an item or load of junk qualifies as being very heavy, we do not charge by volume as in the usual circumstances but we then charge based on the weight and we also include added costs of the handling of this kind of debris.

In order to collect this kind of waste in the best way possible and handle it appropriately, we employ different kinds of trucks. The specific trucks that we used in this case are different as they are stronger and fit to handle the heavy forms of rubbish. But they are also equipped with an electronic scale which can help us determine the weigh with great accuracy. If your waste exceeds a load of 100 kg or takes up more than 1 cubic yard, then it can be labeled as being a heavy load.

Some items that are disposed in this way include rubble, wood, metal, soil, concrete, etc. For instance, rubble, concrete and soil may end up weight approximately between 250 kg-500 kg per cubic yard. A single bag of rubble is esteemed of weighing anywhere between 30 kg and 50 kg. So if you have 25 bags of rubble to dispose it might end up weighing 1.000 kg in total.

Christmas Tree Removal Prices

Christmas is a special time of the year, but it is also the time when a lot of decorations are being put up. In order to clear them up a bit you can hire our help. Once your celebration is done we can come by and handle this cleanup for you and we also provided specific holiday prices for this kind of a service.

We can collect your Christmas tree from the outside for an added cost of £25. This does not include taking down the decoration of the tree as we are solely here to take away the tree and dispose it in a timely fashion. This kind of a pickup is available between 08:00 and 18:00 and also we can only take trees which are up to 7 ft in size. If you want to get rid of a tree larger than that, you have to contact us first.

We can also collect a Christmas tree from the inside of your home a charge a price of £33. As it is the case with the outside collections, we do not include taking down the decorative lights from the tree in our cleanup nor are we responsible for cleaning anything that falls down from the tree while we take it. But we are utmost careful when we handle this kind of a cleanup and always see to it that the your home is handled nicely. You do have to be present for this cleanup and we can arrange a visit as we operate under a specific timetable.

Within the Christmas tree disposal we also provide an added service of taking down and disposing the lights. The ornaments that are found on the tree can be taken down and cleared away and it will cost you an added fee of £20.

Things that we cannot do

In regards to our disposals, there are certain things that we are not able to do or clear up. We are not allowed to handle hazardous waste and dangerous materials as that would require a specific license, one that we do not have a possession of. For this kind of materials and its disposals you have to follow a specific procedure and contact your local council.

Some materials and junk pieces that we do not collect:

  • Biological and medical waste.
  • Petrol, diesel and oil.
  • Truck and tractor tires.
  • Asbestos.
  • Fire extinguishers and gas bottles.
  • Domestic refuse.
  • Any toxic substances.
  • Any kind of raw meat and fish.
  • Noxious chemicals and solvents.